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Nov 1, 2012 11:30am PDT
, because of its dependence on fluctuating commodities. the economy ofôte d'ivoire was badly shaken. becaearnings from theence ostabilization fund evaporated. the boom period of the 1970s muniled to lots of optimismms. and lotsf borrowingon int. when prices declined in the 1980s, the country found itselfhead withery tt moneytoay back . narrator: in pces like yamoussoukro, jobsecame scarce. translator: i cachaleard (ctranslatedb): ( mdoou like this work? i'm happy enough since there are no other possibilities. anyway, if it goes on like this,esses where i'll have toeave.get a job. naator: among afcae dfrom the eerprising spirit of i tradespeople and its sinesswomen, but not whenimesread ( woman speaking french ) translator: i've got four employees, six apprentices and a secretary. for nearly two yearsow, business has been stagnant it's very hard. it's aifficultarke i even have toell on credit, and some of the clients r y. narrator the cocoa producers are small farmers. the fall in eiincomeevels m educe th translator:r i have children at school , so(eakiand at college. the fall in eiincome
Nov 2, 2012 3:00pm PDT
business. >> okay. the resulting economy has resulted in internet base for short term rentals and many of the rentals are illegal and the hotel tax is not collected. should the city legalize some or all of the arrangements and collect a hotel tax and we will begin with you -- i will be glad to repeat the question. >> i honestly don't know how you would enforce a law like that. of course everyone should pay their fair share but i don't know how you could enforce that. i believe we should standardize the inlaw units, maybe sure they're up to code and regulate any new units but as far as taxation i cannot see how you could actually enforce that and collect the taxes on it. >> thank you sir. mr. yee. >> cheryl i just want to make sure -- >> i can repeat it. there is internet base market for short base rentals and they sublease units to visitors and tourists and many are illegal and the city's hotel tax is not collected. should the city legalize these arrangements and collect the hotel tax? >> i traveled to different countries and i go to the internet and they have hotels and these renta
Nov 1, 2012 11:00am PDT
to make a living in this economy, and that was the whole purpose of the economy. we saw a situation that necessarily undermined agricultural production and livelihood systems. why? because those areas of south africa designated as bantustans were in fact labor reserves. we see a compression of space. we see high-population densities on marginal lands, and proximity to johannesburg and pretoria-- the main industrial center of south africa. and so those areas served as effective labor reserves, meaning that if we can keep the people in those areas from garnering a real livelihood, keep them structurally dependent on migration, then we have a large labor pool. narrator: there was a distinct geography of apartheid, a geography of separateness based upon race. as the gnment n to redress these injusces in 1994 and '95, land reform brought euphoric times. woman: so really today, i don't know. since this morning, i had one cup of tea. d i feel that i'm so strongly, i can even jump just because i'm going back to my land. ( singing in native language ) so the idea of a land-reform program is
Oct 31, 2012 7:30pm PDT
, it would be good for us- our health and healthy and our social upbringing and our economy and everything. so we fast. the fourth one is the alms, but we call it the al-zakah. it is giving from our own money to the poor people and the needy people. that's- of course they call it a solution for our situation, how to treat the poor people, and how they can live in peace together, how we can live in peace together. >> and help them also too. >> yes. not just to- so that rich man or rich family can live in a good way, but you know, that also the poor can live in a good situation, because the rich have to give two and a half percent from his own money every year, and he's not to do a favor for the poor family- he have to pay for them. >> as we do, as we do now, the countries force us all to pay taxes. in islam, they don't pay taxes- just the rich people pay their money. >> let me ask you, on prayer, on let's say this evening, as a family, will you pray together here? >> yes. >> oh. and just take some time- how long would it normally take to do the evening prayer, say? >> at first, we have an h
Nov 2, 2012 11:30am PDT
concerns about fiscal policy and housing policy. the so-called sharing economy has resulted in an internet-based market for short term rentals where owners or tenants lease to visitors and tourists. many rentals are currently illegal and the city's hotel tax is not collected. should the city legalize some or all of these rentals and collect the hotel tax? we would like to hear answers from miss breed, miss johnson and mr. resignato. >> i definitely think this is a matter that the city should be looking into to collect that revenue. hotel tax revenue is extremely important especially in the arts. i run the african-american art and culture complex, a 34,000 square foot art space and we receive hotel tax revenue. the money we receive is not necessarily always enough in order to sustain the facility, which is why fundraising for that entity is so important. i think the abuses that we see here with some of these property owners should be definitely explored. but i also think that abuses around places like the filmore center, which is increasing rates for the current residents by 25-40% is just
Oct 31, 2012 9:00am PDT
. the economies of baton rouge and new orleans depend on the river for its fresh water, for its commerce, its transportation. industries all up and down the river use the fresh water in their processing. in its continuing search for the shortest route to the sea, the mississippi has found a comrade. at one time a mere trickle compared to the mississippi, the atchafalaya is now a mighty predator, the mississippi-- a willing prey. the fight to control the mississippi has escalated from a battle into a war. approximately 150 miles north of new orleans, these two rivers have come perilously close together, linked by an abandoned loop of the mississippi called old river. the atchafalaya offers the mississippi a route to the gulf that is 175 miles shorter than its present course. the corps of engineers realized there was a potential problem with the atchafalaya capturing the mississippi back in the 1950s. a gentleman by the name of fisk, who was a geologist, did a report for the corps of engineers and the mississippi river commission in which he studied old delta systems of the mississippi and old
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)